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Menu / Pricing:

Connecting your full body and history to your desired results requires our assessment and treatment of you in detail.  Kinect to your potential and make a lifelong change.  You are worth it…

Initial Visit:

80 minutes $229

Follow up visits: 

55 Minutes: $185

25 Minutes $99

Our rates will go to normal in November.  Visit us in October to lock in last years rates for the rest of 2020.

Athletic and Performance Enhancement package: $1799

(This is inclusive of competitive sports, recreational activities and performing arts)

Why is Kinect is a “Self Pay” Provider?  

Our goal as a clinic is to give back the individual control of his/her own health.   Our care should be your new standard of what physical therapy should be. Giving exclusive individual attention in a safe and caring environment to our patients is what should be expected.   We want that vision to be built in a community of health professionals working together for you, the patient.

Having been clinicians for many years, we hear many stories from our patients about previous treatment experiences they have received at various insurance based PT facilities.  Although most facilities and practitioners strive to provide quality care, it becomes difficult when dealing with some of the complexities of the insurance reimbursement game. Ultimately, the patient suffers. A common complaint is that patients feel they are just a number, seen initially by the therapist, with follow up visits by different care providers.  When seeing multiple providers, there can be a sense of a lack of continuity of care. Some patients feel rushed through a therapy session only to see an Assistant or Tech, and follow a spreadsheet of exercises without receiving specific direction and instruction. In some insurance base PT clinical models, patients may find themselves in the direct care with a PT for about 15 minutes. As well, some therapist can commonly oversee 2-3 other patients at the same time making them responsible for  juggling time between each person. All Physical Therapists have the ability to provide better care. There are obstacles to delivering and receiving better care, we want to allow you the ability to eliminate one of those obstacles by choosing to self pay for a level of care you deserve.

In an insurance based clinic, IF you have already met your deductible, the co-pay rate averages between $40-70 per visit. If you have not met your deductible you are paying a rate up to $185.00 per visit.

Let’s do the math:

Insurance based clinics: 2-3 visits / week = $210 (1 visit = $70 co-pay) = 45 minutes (15 Minutes direct care per visit).

Our clinic Self pay: 1 visit per week = $185 = 55 minutes of direct care with an advanced trained CFMT /Fellowship trained therapist.

  Visits / week Direct time / visit Cost per visit Cost per week
Kinect 1 55 minutes $185 $185
Insurance clinic 3 45 minutes (15 min / visit) $70 $210

For those who seek the difference, we’re available