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Roxy Rock, Pilates Instructor

Meet Roxy Rock: Your Guide to a Stronger, More Balanced You

Roxy Rock isn’t your average Pilates instructor. With a decade of experience in the fitness world and a background in art, she brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of the body to every session.

A Journey of Movement and Learning:
Roxy’s passion for movement began in 2016, when she started teaching yoga. From guiding large group classes to individual privates and themed workshops, she honed her skills in creating accessible and effective programs for all ages and fitness levels. During her time managing yoga studios and sports centers, Roxy expanded her repertoire to include weight lifting, cardio, and HIIT. She even explored prenatal care, creating workshops and teaching through her own pregnancy, gaining valuable insights into modifications for expecting mothers. Observing diverse body types and limitations sparked Roxy’s desire for a deeper understanding of anatomy and movement correction. This quest led her to Gage and Laurie Banks, and their unique physical therapy clinic. For over a year, she learned from Gage, incorporating functional exercise techniques into her practice to better help her clients.

Mastering the Art of Pilates:
Still driven by a thirst for knowledge, Roxy embarked on an individual Pilates apprenticeship. Unlike most instructors trained through general programs, she had the privilege of learning from a master under the tutelage of Joseph Pilates’ protégés. Roxy’s Pilates apprenticeship wasn’t just with any teacher. Her mentor had the esteemed privilege of learning directly from some of the most renowned Pilates masters like Kathy Ross Nash, Jay Grimes, Rachel Taylor, and Alicia Uringara. Through this lineage, Roxy inherited the true essence of Pilates, not just the exercises, but the transformative power it holds. This unique exposure allows her to guide you beyond the basics, helping you achieve lasting postural change and true symmetrical transformation.

More Than Just Movement:
Roxy’s artistic background as a professional painter grants her a keen eye for postural alignment. She sees the body as a canvas, and through Pilates, she helps you sculpt your own masterpiece, one session at a time. Whether you’re seeking better posture, improved tone, increased flexibility, or enhanced strength, Roxy is your guide. Her passion for movement, combined with her deep knowledge of the body and artistic vision, promises a journey towards a stronger, more balanced you.

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