Our Treatment Paradigm

You benefit from an evaluation and treatment paradigm that strives for your highest potential of performance by addressing the “Mechanical”, “Neuro Anatomical” and “Motor Integration”.

“Recent research and functional imaging of the brain continues to reveal the interrelationship between pain, muscular inhibition and poor movement strategies. Just mobilizing joints, giving patients stretching and strengthening exercises, or having a patient participate in “core stabilization” is not sufficient to address the complex interrelationship between the available mobility of the human system and the integration of automatic and volitional motor strategies.”  Institute of Physical Art.

The Mechanical:

Mechanical definition: “The working parts of a machine.”

Our therapists identify and treat specific parts of your body that can benefit from better positioning, mobility, and interaction to the neighboring parts.  We deliver sequential “Hands on” treatment of the osteoarticular (joints), osseous (bones), fascial, muscular, visceral (organs) and neurovascular tissues. The longer we go through life with compensation after an injury or limitation, the more the number of these restrictions throughout the body.  Limitations of these structures can impair our life’s daily activities and recreational endeavors that we hold so valuable.

Your therapist takes you on a journey of assessment and hands on mobilization of the mechanical components typically starting in a position of non-weight bearing and progressing to weight bearing and ultimately towards positions and movements associated with specific functional activities important to you.  This hands on treatment allows for real time resolution and progression towards your movement goals.



Once we fix the parts in an engine, how do we start it up?

Very often, we may go to a highly skilled clinician and have a great adjustment or massage and feel great, until the symptoms return and we don’t move well again.  To retain the positive results of a treatment, we must engage the brain and nervous system and have it acknowledge the changes until it sticks.

There must be a transition from the mechanical treatment to the Neuroanatomical acceptance and integration.  The bones, joints, fascia, muscles, organs, Nerves, and vascular tissues all have a connection to and from the brain essential for optimization of life.

Each patient is taken through an in depth and evidence based connection process to optimize the positive neuroanatomical response to a treatment to teach all the components to use what it now has.

PNF: One such technique is with proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).  PNF engages specific body movement patterns geared to tap into the desirable initiation, strength, and endurance of the right muscles at the right time.


Motor Integration

Once we have worked together to fix the mechanical limitations and then get the nervous system to accept the changes, we then get to integrate the process into activities that mean something to you. We cultivate the ability to conduct coordinated postural and movement strategies as efficiently and effective as possible. There must be a balance with stability and mobility in all cases and movement strategies.  Each person is taught to find an ideal balance of stability, alignment and mobility in movement through efficient postures and specific proprioceptive and kinesthetic training.

Motor integration must be connected to the specific activities important within your lifestyle.

This process as well empowers you with the understanding of where you started, where you are, and where you’re going in this treatment paradigm.  Education through visual, tactile, verbal and biofeedback awareness is used at this point.  The “Kinesthetic Awareness Training” involved in this part of our paradigm helps create the life changing and lasting results you deserve.

Regardless of whether you are seeking pain relief, injury / physical recovery, or athletic enhancement, this paradigm has a significant potential to create results.


For those who seek the difference, we’re available!!!