Why Come See Us?

To all of those who have found total resolution in your pain or injury, we celebrate with you and your journey and the healthcare that you received.  To those who have not found acceptable injury recovery, healing, or performance improvement, what do you do?

Everyone has a greater potential to heal, improve their function, and perform better.  Everyone deserves access to this opportunity.  Finding this greater potential sometimes requires an approach that is more comprehensive and outside the comfort zone of a conventional “boxed” process.  As well, everyone is worthy of receiving a healing and functional change that impacts their life.  In our careers, as Fellowship trained Physical therapists, we have chosen to seek and continue to explore “our” greater potential through a journey of extensive training, certifications, fellowship, mentorship, courses, teaching, and clinical care.    We have used our experiences to cultivate the atmosphere and process that is available to all who are ready to receive the difference.  This difference can change the course of many lives.

What is your health worth?

Time to do the things we choose with the people of our choice holds significant value.   Our clinic embraces this with you. We want you at your best as quickly as possible. Some ways that we optimize your time invested in the healing process include the quality of appointments.  All of our appointments are a dedicated 1 on 1 with a physical therapist that is among the most highly skilled in the country. This allows total dedication to your case and a preservation of the continuity of your care, without distraction. In turn, more can be accomplished in one session. Our model and specificity of treatment allows a level of results typically in one visit whereas in other clinical models, it may take weeks to achieve. In our clinic, the therapist that just treated you and made results on the treatment table, has a direct hand in taking you through a highly focused exercise routine and movement training process that directly compliments the previous techniques.  Each treatment is uniquely catered to you and addresses the unique dysfunctions that we find to ultimately bring you closer to your specific goals.  If Time holds the same value to you as it does to us, than skill set of your therapist needs to be elite.

After each clinical experience, our clients should walk out of the clinic feeling the positive difference in their body.  More than this, our clients should know how to integrate these positive results into their lifestyle and allow their body to heal with every movement and avoid dysfunctional rebound.  Ultimately, a sense of hope should grow that improvements will continue and lead to a brighter future.  Each visit in our clinic should be a “stepping stone” towards higher quality living.  Every visit will feature a route to greater independence and ownership of your future health.  Knowledge is essential… Our initial sessions typically include learning about your body and gaining a deeper connection of your comprehensive history and your current status and physical needs.  Your medical history is your story and must be woven into your current healing approach. We each have different definitions of quality of life, let’s find out where you’ve come from, and where you want to go.

In order to help you find an improved quality of life and maximize your time invested in the process, Kinect Physical Therapy clinicians have chosen to pursue a professional path of advanced knowledge base and skill set.  Kinect Physical Therapy hosts Physical Therapists who whole heartedly commit advancing our profession and skills.  Because of the unique culture of our clinic, in addition to becoming a licensed physical therapist, the clinicians must have achieved Certified Functional Manual Therapy (CFMT) certification. The CFMT is a rigorous certification process typically requiring greater than 700 hours of advanced course work and study. To date, CFMT therapists are recognized all over the country and world as leaders, instructors, and valuable contributors to the PT profession.   The CFMT approach has positively influenced PT care in the upper levels of sports including Major League Baseball, NFL, UFC, PGA, X-Games, and US Olympic Ski team to list a few.

At Kinect, the founders have gone a significant step further than achieving the CFMT process and have become fellows. There are very few therapists (less than 35 in the world) who reach the distinction of Fellow of Functional Manual Therapy (FFMT), and Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (FAAOMPT). To become a fellow, a 12-18 month advanced clinical and research study process at the Institute of Physical Art’s Flagship location of Steamboat Springs, Colorado was required.  Steamboat Springs boasts the home to more winter Olympic athletes than any other city in the USA.  While at this location, elite athletes and those seeking high quality care would travel from all over the US to be treated under the paradigm.  While studying under its founders / Fellows: Gregg and Vicky Johnson along with Fellows Brent Yamashita and Steve Warfel II, many complex mixed orthopedic / neurological conditions were successfully treated.  Treating the larger picture creates an increased potential for a profound healing.  If you want to remove a dandelion from the grass, you need to try to get as many roots as possible so that the change is more permanent.  A clinical example of clearing all the roots includes our history of working with a group of spinal surgeons to help female patients after a spinal fusion.  During multiple cases, we would see very positive results only after improving the mobility of deep scars associated with history of C-section often, 5-6 years prior.